FlightXML3 historical FlightInfoStatus


Hi guys,

Is there a way to get FlightInfoStatus more than 2 weeks back?
I would imagine an endpoint, where I can request by an ident (e.g. flight number) and a date (or datetime) of filed departure and i could get the status not only for that 2 weeks interval.

Also I know many people already asked, but i think it worth to emphasize that supporting flightNumber(both ICAO and IATA) and datetime of departure should be there in an endpoint, as I believe this is one of the most common access pattern. This is the data most traveler is sent and shown on reservations, boarding passes, etc.

Cheers and keep up the good work,


Let me check on how we are handling this. Right now the history limit on the keys is set to 14 days. I’ll inquire if this can be extended and get back to you.


Hi, so, this endpoint could be extended?


So you’ll need to contact Sales to get a longer history period. You can reach them at newreports@flightaware.com or call +1-800-713-8570.