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FlightXML2.0 Data Accuracy

I am using the GetLastTrack function in FlightXML2.0, and my question is why does the accuracy for the position data differ between the website and data pull? For example, the lat/long data from the FlightXML2.0 pull has an order of magnitude (decimal place) more accuracy than the data on the website. On the other hand, the altitude data from the FlightXML2.0 pull is in hundreds of feet (to the nearest hundred feet), but the website data seems to be accurate to about 25 feet. Why is there a discrepancy between these values, and how can we gain access to the most accurate data?

The FlightXML3 equivalent function GetFlightTrack includes an altitude_feet field that reports down to 25ft intervals like the web track log. The altitude field is hundreds of feet or Flight Level where appropriate.

The position accuracy on the web track log is limited for display purposes can can change depending on the size of the browser view portal. FlightXML remains the indented way to gather data for any processing use.