FlightXML returns wrong altitude

Hello there,
we are implementing the FlightXML in our application and in our last tests it returns the altitude of 0 when calling FlightInfoEx. We compare the returned data with the live tracking FlightAware provides and it seems that there is altitude different than 0.

The last flight we had this result is a flight with faFlightId “AXM128-1502861143-airline-0098”, but we have 0 altitude for more than one flight.

Thanks in advance

We don’t always receive the filed altitude for flights, especially ones that have an international origin and departure. So when the filed_altitude is 0, that just means we are lacking that data. There are some other queries available that can tell you the actual altitudes flown depending on if you need that or not.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between the filed altitude (listed in the flight plan) and the current/actual altitude. If you want the latter, you can use InFlightInfo.

I’m guessing that InFlightInfo is what we need. Thanks for the quick answers.

Is it possible that other “filed_*” fields from FlightInfoEx may have missing data, too?

Do “arrivalTime”/“departureTime” from InFlightInfo refer to the “actualarrivaltime”/“actualdeparturetime” from FlightInfoEx?

Which are the measurement units for “groundspeed” in InFlightInfo?

Filed values may be missing if the flight did not have a flight plan (position-only flight).

Yes, the arrivalTime and departureTime fields refer to actual times.

Groundspeed is measured in knots.

Thanks for the info.

I have one more question - is it possible to receive same data for the filed fields for the whole duration of the flight?

If we have the filed data for the flight, then it should be available for the duration of the flight during your calls.