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Different flight altitude data from FlightXML API vs. "view track log"

When I pull data from Flight XML API the altitudes are in feet and when i download the xml file for the same flight from the website the data is in meters (it seems). Eg: flight FDB575 from DXB to KTM, when i try displaying the data pulled from API on Cesium the map shows airplane arriving overhead the airport at an unusually high altitude:
when i import the same flight from the downloaded KML file for the webiste it shows the correct path:!

What is the reason for the difference in the altitudes for the two files of the same flight, and why does API data show incorrect data for some fligths, mostly for high elevation airports.

Other API pulled data for sea level airports is mostly correct.

Thank you,

Here are some supporting pictures:

Content and units shown on the FlightAware website will change according to your preferences set on your My Account page Section 5. Scraping data from the track log is not supported and is discouraged.

Do you have any examples (faFlightIDs) for instances where the tracking stops unusually early for high altitude airports?