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FlightXMl down?

Hello, when I try sending a request to the following api link : “http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML3”, I get a “410” response. Is the api currently down?

Preface: I am not FlightAware staff.

Reviewing my logs from this morning, I don’t see any issues with API availability.

A search for “410” in the forums reveals a previous issue with a malformed URL: FlightInfoStatus - 410 error

turns out my query limit was exceeded, I was looking at the url without the query parameter.


If your account has exceeded limits, you’ll get HTTP Status 402 (Payment required)

Invalid or missing credentials will get HTTP Status 401 (Authentication required).

We issue HTTP Status 410 (Gone) for any invalidly formed path. It looks like you were trying to make up your own URL to diagnose the original error code you were receiving.