Random 'Response400' on FlightXML3 with FlightInfoStatus


While running some queries with ‘FlightInfoStatus’ I appear to be getting random ‘Response400’ replies to flights which appeared normal in the search only 5 minutes ago. Some output is pasted below, its strange as the python script is using the same query over and over, so it works ok, but I sometimes get the Response400 - which i believe is a malformed request.

{‘ident’: ‘BAW213’, ‘howMany’: ‘15’, ‘offset’: ‘0’} <Response [200]>
{‘ident’: ‘BAW212’, ‘howMany’: ‘15’, ‘offset’: ‘0’} <Response [200]>
BAW 213 Arrived / Gate Arrival G-VIIK B772 LHR 11/21/2017 03:10PM
LHR 05:40PM 05:49PM 3
{‘ident’: ‘UAE237’, ‘howMany’: ‘15’, ‘offset’: ‘0’} <Response [200]>
{‘ident’: ‘UAE238’, ‘howMany’: ‘15’, ‘offset’: ‘0’} <Response [200]>
UAE 237 Arrived / Gate Arrival A6-ECX B77W DXB 11/21/2017 01:07PM
DXB 10:20PM 10:35PM 4
{‘ident’: ‘CHH481’, ‘howMany’: ‘15’, ‘offset’: ‘0’} <Response [400]>
{‘ident’: ‘CHH482’, ‘howMany’: ‘15’, ‘offset’: ‘0’} <Response [400]>
{‘ident’: ‘EIN139’, ‘howMany’: ‘15’, ‘offset’: ‘0’} <Response [400]>
{‘ident’: ‘EIN138’, ‘howMany’: ‘15’, ‘offset’: ‘0’} <Response [400]>


If those are occurring while using FlightXML3, then you are likely hitting the requests/minute rate limits of your Bronze plan.