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FlightXML 3 FlightInfoStatus - howMany and Offset Problem

I have just upgraded to premium in order to get 5 months history.
doesn’t matter what i put in the howMany or in the offset parameters I get only the first 14 results.
When I use the website I do get the 5 months history as it should.

for example -

Website account status is unrelated to FlightXML history access, which is always about 14 days at most.

There is no way to see in the API more than 14 results ? than what the use of the howmany and the offset ?
if I what to have data of up to 5 months back in the API - how can I do it ?

The overall FlightXML historical data limit is about 14 days, not simply 14 results.

The howMany and offset arguments are still very important for navigating the results of idents that have many flights within that 14 day period. (This is particularly visible for regional airlines that operate multiple legs per day under the same ident.)

Note that to use howMany with more than 15 results in FlightXML2, you must call SetMaximumResultSize, however that step is not necessary with FlightXML3. However, in either version the maximum historical limit is still 14 days in the past.

Thanks I understand.
And still if I want to have results later than 14 days period what are my options ?

If you know what flights you will need to access in the future, you can retrieve the data from FlightXML while it is still recent and save it in your own local database for later usage. Keep in mind that FlightXML was not designed for long-term historical data access.

If there is a large number of flights you need to retrieve for a specific historical time period or matching a specific criteria, you can request a custom data report that you can parse for your data processing.

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