FlightXML 3, Api returns no data


May you please clarify why some of our specific requests return no data. This data is valuable for us, so it will be fine to get it )

We request data concerning airport terminals
terminal_dest string? Terminal at the destination airport, if known
terminal_orig string? Terminal at the origin airport, if known

Example of request - http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML3/AirportBoards?airport_code=IEV&howMany=10000

Returns no data - example:

The same with the statistic of delays in the airports.
airport_code string? Optional airport to retrieve delays for. if blank then delays for all airports will be returned

Example request that returns no data

The same story

Returns no data


To receive terminal data please add the parameter include_ex_data=true for the AirportBoards requests. This option can only be set with a FlightXML 3 Silver plan or greater.

For both the AirportDelays and FlightCancellationStatistics, the “no data” error returned is accurate. There is currently no delay information at the selected airport, and no cancellation has been logged for the airline AUI (IATA: PS) in the last week.