Flights code and delayed information



I need to show a FIDS (Flight Information Display System) in our system and i’m using your services. … _Scheduled

filed_departuretime is one of the value returned but i can’t see the flight status. I need to see if this flights is delayed, canceled or is going on time. Even if the flights is delayed, i need to know how long is delayed. Filed_departuretime does not include the delayed time. How can i get this information?

I have a biggest problem with the flight conde too. Sometime, some companys operate flights on behalf of another company. I would like to show the code that our clients have printed on his boarding card. Neither using this can i get this information: … ightInfoEx

I will appreciated a response.


The “filed_departuretime” represents the time the flight is intended to depart. If you want to know how late it will be, you can compare (filed_departuretime + filed_ete) with the (estimatedarrivaltime). Note that you will need to look up some of those additional fields using FlightInfoEx, since the Scheduled function does not include all of those values.

If you want to know the other codeshares that a flight operates, you can use the AirlineFlightInfo function to find that.

We do provide a sample FIDS that uses FlightXML, which might save you some implementation effort:


Hi bovineone, thxs for your response.

I’m getting over 60 - 100 flights in a single query because i need to show all flights directly. This behavior counts like 4 - 8 consults.
filed_ete field, as you said, comes with a FlightInfoEx so i will need to call this services one time per flight and, and one more call to AirlineFlightInfo to obtain the real flight operator. That represent 124-208 consults to flightaware ws and we need to check FIDS every 5 - 10 minutes. Our terminals are installed in a place with a poor internet connection so… I think thats not a solution. Your FIDS implementation has a status column but is a fake one. You print “delayed” only when there is more than 15 minutes ago that the plane should have departed. So you dont warn your clients hours before the plane is delayed.

Can I use a ws here in flightsaware that give me a FIDS information with a single query? Something similar to flightstat.


Our upcoming FlightXML 3 API is expected to provide updated functions that will return more of the data fields that would normally have required an extra function call. It will probably be available later this year.


Hi bovineone,

when you finish your development process I will look your API again.

thanks again for your help ; )


Hi bovineone,
Any news on regarding version 3 of the api?
I’m also interested in delayed flights data, and I too hope this could be acheved with much less calls to your server.