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Flightradar24 - T-EGWU135 Offline for 5 months Flightradar24


Just been advised about the site shown in the subject line.

It has not been offline for five months, I am currently out of the UK, I shut down the PiWare system beginning of November and it will be restarted end of January so at most it is three months so not sure how you got the ‘5 months’.

My site 84037 is currently active too.

Geoff Lane

Ummmm… This is a Flightaware forum.

Are you complaining to Flightaware or Flightradar24?

Hope you are enjoying the trip,


Yeah, a T-* identifier is definitely a FR24 thing and you’d need to ask them about it, not us…

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Apologies, my mistake, I should have read that better. All OK with both my FA sites although the UK one has been out of action since early November.

Geoff Lane

Oops, :grimacing: my mistake, forgot about the FR24 feed. All OK with FA which is the main thing.

US trip most enjoyable thank you, California, much better weather than UK at this time of year :smiley: