flightno must be numeric

Need some help with AirlineFlightSchedules() function.

When i pass in paramenters like this,
$params = array(
“flightno” => ‘TCX2995’,
“startDate” => $startDate,
“endDate” => $endDate,
“origin” => “”,
“destination” => “”,
“airline” => “”,
“howMany” => 3,
“offset” => 0);
$result = $client->AirlineFlightSchedules($params);

I get error message
** [previous:Exception:private] =>
[faultstring] => flightno must only be numeric
[faultcode] => CLIENT
[detail] => stdClass Object
[errorInfo] => stdClass Object
[errorCode] => NONE


I want to search for flight info with flight number TCX2995
From the documentation flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/explorer/#, flightno is a string
Please, what am i getting wrong?

Just a SWAG
Try coding
“airline” => ‘TCX’
“flightno” => ‘2995’,
Doco might be incorrect on flightno string.

It is a string but the string has to be numeric. You will need to split up the airline and flight number.

Flightno is a flight number. We use ident when we want the airline code and flight number together.

Thanks dude.