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Flight number with dates in AirlineFlightSchedules

In this API, i have some issues:-

i want to integrate flight number with date.

In this API, when i add flightno param , as mentioned i add string value with alphanumeric value like flight number :- uu977.

but response i got is value should be numeric.

Please help me API for get details with flight number with dates.

For the AirlineFlightSchedules function, only the numeric portion should be in the “flightno” argument (in this case, simply 977). The airline identifier should be supplied in the separate “airline” argument (“UU”, or preferably its ICAO equivalent “REU”).

Okay Thankyou.
i want flight details with flight number and dates param,
is FlightInfoEx API will help ?

Because response i want is same as FlightInfoEx response.