FlightInfoStatus filter for current flights



I’m new to the FlightAware API, so please excuse me if this has been discussed before. I couldn’t find it in few searched run against the forum.

I am using FlightXML3 and trying to look-up some details on flights passing nearby. Unfortunately when using FlightInfoStatus with single result requested I am usually getting info on flights scheduled to take place in few days time. Actual current flight is normally few results down the list.

The only solution I can see at the moment is to request large set of results and iterate through them looking for flight with ‘status’: ‘On’, but I consider it waste of resources on both FlightAware and my client side. ‘status’ filter seems so logical, but I can’t find any documentation that would indicate its existence.

So would anyone know if there are any undocumented filters [*] or if not is there plan for implementing status filter?

[*] As per docs I am using filters were planned for FlightInfoStatus, but they so far aren’t implemented.



Hi Sergiusz, the number of results returned from FlightInfoStatus does not seem to follow an easily discernible pattern. In any case, here is the highest number of results I have seen…

It’s not a big waste to go and look for the one you need… just a few lines of code.