API help for tracking flight

I am new to flightxml.
Requirement is to track live flight for particular date. Trying the same using below code.

Passing flightID & date filter, to ‘FlightInfoStatus’, I am supposed to get only single record but I am getting many records for this call. Now I am not sure which record to pick up from list.
Maybe filter I mentioned is incorrect. Is there any document/example for each API?

string filterexpr = string.Format(“actual_departure_time.date = ‘{0:MM/dd/yyyy}’”, DateTime.Now.Date);
ArrayOfFlightInfoStatusStruct f_info = client.FlightInfoStatus(“AI191”, false, filterexpr, 10, 0);
TrackStruct route = client.GetFlightTrack(f_info.flights[0].faFlightID, false);
Can i get support on this.

Hi, Im also newbie in flightaware and trying to use the ArrayOfFlightInfoStatusStruct object.
until a few days ago I have got exception saying {“The data contract type ‘FlightawareServiceReference.ArrayOfFlightInfoStatusStruct’ cannot be deserialized because the required data members ‘PropertyChanged, flightsField, next_offsetField’ were not found.”}"

but now I get none response at all.
can you share your full code, please ?
mine is here API for flight info - #7 by shaulzak