FlightInfoEx est arrival date-time FlightXML2

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I am using FlightInfoEx to get estimated arrival time for a flight. Today (20/8/2017 18:00) I ran the API for flight VA693 and its returning the estimated arrival time to be 22/8/2017 20:25 which is a scheduled flight due in 2 days from now. I check on FA website and it says 20/8/2017 21:20 (flight delayed). How can I get the current flight est arrival time? Is there a different call for that? Or is FlightInfoEx incorrect?


There are several new fields available in the FlightXML3 FlightInfoStatus call that you might want to investigate. In particular, the estimated block in time and estimated departure time fields are new.

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Does that mean I have to change the plan to FlightXML3? Since I’ve done most of the integration on FlightXML2 is there any solution on that? All I need is the FlightInfoEx to return to me the est arrival time but for today’s date not a scheduled flight for 2 days in advance.

You should not assume that everything displayed on our website is available through FlightXML, and in particular FlightXML2. Some flights provide us with estimated block times, which will generally be what is more interesting for airline flights (vs runway times).