Flightawate Stats 10%

Hi all
My stats page shows this
comes and goes alot

11% of UDP multilateration traffic sent by piaware is not reaching the FlightAware servers. This may indicate a network problem.

I cannot see any problem my end any idea’s


There are many possible reasons. Generated traffic and the size of your internet pipe. Buffers, OS and other software related things.

I see that from time to time, but very short duration. If it stays there for long periods of time, try rebooting the Pi and/or rebooting the router.

I have rebooted pi router etc been running with latest os 353 with no problems
not only me my brother across town has same problem

but will monitor it and see
thanks for reply

Did you install, modify anything in the Pi? A re-image is another option, if the problem persists.

Ahh i did install optimize-gain.py to check out my gain setting
im using a nooelec so no filter or amp but i use uputronics amp/filter instead
maybe this helped cause the problem im running 44.5 and not 49.6 now it has happend since i used it but not running all time only if i run it manually hmm


Thank you for comments i will re do image later today


All fixed i did do everything to fix the problem but alass
it was bt exchange a few dodgy boards in exchange and in cabinets a strange one but all sorted