FlightAware upload from a BeagleBone Black?


Would it be possible to install FAup1090 or PiAware on a BBB?


I did similar for FR24 - Installed raspbarian (or was it debian?) as the OS then loaded up the same stuff the would be used on the Pi.

It did work OK, though I thought the BBB about 3 times harder to use than the Pi.


Yeah, if you run Debian or Ubuntu then there’s a decent chance it will work if you build and install everything from source. You could always try to install the Debian package but even though they both use ARM processors I don’t know that the executables are compatible… Raspberry PI uses “hard float”, I don’t know if BBB does or not.

A number of people have managed to port piaware to other versions of Linux and we have accepted some pull requests to add support for Linux systems that use a different packaging system from Debian’s and that use systemd versus Debian, which doesn’t.


Thanks for the replies. I am a beginner when it comes to Linux but I’m on a steep learning curve.


Can confirm that Piaware works fine on a BBB together with Dump1090. Built the image from scratch, way to go there is almost similar like with a Raspberry Pi. Used Ubuntu as OS.
A little bit tricky is upgrading Piaware as you have to uninstall and reinstall Piaware including a manual deletion of the Piaware folder in /etc/init.d.