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How can I get texts for flight alerts that I have? I can’t figure out what the “mobile e-mail address” is. The (What’s my cell phone’s e-mail address?) link does not work. :confused:

Thanks for the report, the link will be functional again on Monday afternoon. Until then you just need to add the appropriate ending to your cellphone number:
Provider Domain
Alltel @message.alltel.com
Amp’d @vtext.com
Boost @myboostmobile.com
AT&T @txt.att.net
Metrocall @page.metrocall.com
Nextel @messaging.nextel.com
Sprint @messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Mobile @tmomail.net
US Cellular @mms.uscc.net
Verizon @vtext.com
Virgin (USA) @vmobl.com
Windstream @windstream.net

Ok, thanks. :smiley: Sorry for the late reply…

Will this work for Canadian Cell providers as well?

Yes, it works with any email to SMS gateway provided by any cellphone network.