Flight Alerts - mobile email "mail reader does not support"

Hey, it used to be that you could get alerts sent in a text format, but I don’t see how to do that any more. I put in our mobile email addresses, and I get this error message sent to the phone:

“Subject: FlightAware Flight Alert for ****** from This mail reader does not support HTML. Please open this email in another reader.”

I googled this, but no one else seems to have this problem. I would like messages to go to our phones and not to our emails. I have no idea how to open a text message in ‘another reader’. Anyone have any insight? Thanks!

We recently added HTML to our alert emails; I believe we send them multi-part and still include the text-only version. It sounds like your email to SMS gateway doesn’t support this.

The best option is to put your mobile email address in the mobile email field on your account and then send your alerts to your mobile email.

edit: I see you have it set up that way for yourself. Are you experiencing that error message or is the third party you’re also sending alerts to getting that error message?

I did a test with a flight leaving today (the flight I want to track leaves tomorrow) and I got a message through text just fine. It was the ‘send to a friend’ that gave my mother-in-law an error message, but I’m actually not sure why we even received a message because we shouldn’t start getting notifications until tomorrow. We have the same carrier and the same phone.

I am going to try another test and see if it sends it to her phone correctly. Maybe it was just a fluke?

It does appear that she is getting the alerts now, and also the error messages. I am only getting alerts, no error messages. The carrier is Virgin Mobile. Weird! At any rate, it seems okay despite the error messages. Thanks!

I would like to point out that when a user sets up alerts for a friend, the friend will immediately receive a notification with html text, for example “A FlightAware flight alert was setup for you by tracker1321”. Since you want to send the alerts to a moblie email, your mother-in-law could not see that html content, only the annoying plain text “This mail reader does not support HTML. Please open this email in another reader.”
We will try to improve this text.
However, mother-in-law should be able to see the actual flight alerts, and ignore the first notification text for now.

Yes, she is getting the other notifications. Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: