Flightaware Status Screen after update gives 403 Forbidden error

Flightaware Status Screen (port 80) after update gives 403 Forbidden error. Connecting to port 8080 works just like before. Any thought on what my issue might be?

I can telnet into my device and cat the status.json file and get the current statuses. When I run inspect on the web error page and go to console I show the following errors reported.

Unchecked runtime. Last Error: The message port closed before a response was received.
piaware/:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)

Trying to figure out where the pertinent files are located so I can figure out what the resource that failed to load is.


403 Forbidden

What hardware are you using? What OS image are you using? How did you install piaware? How did you upgrade piaware?

I observe the same here. RasPi 4, Debian package add-on by commands cut and pasted from FA’s ADS-B instructions page, and update to 6.1 from statistics page gear icon.

That’s the piaware-web package in your case.
It’s not installed by default, it comes with the piaware sd-card image though.

sudo apt-get update  
sudo apt-get install --reinstall piaware-web   

After above, go to page ip-of-pi:80 and press Ctrl & F5 buttons togather to reload browser.

@abcd567 That did the trick. Thank you!

We don’t generally test piaware-web on non-sdcard installs so something could well have broken there. I don’t know what other modifications you’ve made, if any.

I’m a plain vanilla no mod feeder based on Raspian OS with the PiAware add on package straight off the FA website. Upon upgrading to 6.1 via the gear icon had the same issue as OP until the reinstall of piaware-web as suggested by abcd567. It’s all good now.

piaware-web is not usually installed at all with an add-on package install (i.e. you do not have the landing/status page at all)

@DaveBMD Meant not to hijack your inquiry.

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