Flightaware Rasberry Pi newby questions


I just purchased this from Amazon;

I have all the other necessary items to include the pro stick plus and Flightaware external antenna. By the online instructions it looks pretty easy to configure and install. I already feel flightaware through Plane Plotter but I wanted to expand my knowledge with Pi and this would be a good way to start. My knowledge in Linux is absolutely zero. So is it possible to run two dongles at the same time from a single Pi? also two different control programs and separate addresses?

Thanks in advance,



You could start by looking at this thread.

I think there is another one about this, about receiving distant and local signals, but I can’t find right now. Otherwise, take a look at any post from @abcd567, he has written loads of helpful tutorials


It appears both are possible but as you admit to zero knowledge with Linux and little with the Pi it is quite a complicated issue to cut your teeth on.

I’ve been using the Pi for various projects for around three years and am pretty au faix with Linux but would find this difficult.