FlightAware provides bogus information

FlightAware provides bogus information on their flights. Tonight they indicated a JetBlue flight 1107 from JFK to RDU was flying 466 knots at 36000 feet when, in fact, it was still on the tarmac delayed due to an engine malfunction.

Maybe JFK had spare airplane? Lots of JetBlue plane at JFK.

Oh crap, you’ve found them out. Mark, Dan and all the other FA staff just make up all the flight information and post whatever they want.

Brilliant of you to have seen through the charade, you should be rewarded.

Where’d you see that? In the Scheduled column?

Try twisting the horns on your tinfoil hat… your reception is bad…

I have the feeling, no, in fact I know, you were looking at the flight for 28 Feb. You posted at 2045 today (1 Mar). The flight didn’t depart until after 2200. So, the flight you were looking at was the last flight that was completed (the 28th).

Here’s the bogus flight:

Captain Friendly must have been looking at the scheduled flight or yesterday’s flight.

Congratulations, Proft, on what is possibly the dumbest first post in FlightAware history.

baaa ha ha ha ha!!!

You all funny.

PROFT, my new hero!!! After that boneheaded post I made directed at Nano last week, I thought mine was officially the dumbest, but I think this one does take it!!
Proft, I give you the crown.

seriously though, you don’t pay for it, it can be erroneous on occasion, as can anything, what’s the big deal? There’s going to be errors in even that actual ATC system I’m sure, how many times have you seen an aircraft code on FA that is not a real aircraft code. It’s filed that way so it’s in the real ATC system that way. So even it’s not perfect. It doesn’t beg for a National Enquierer style headline!

Well crap. Give him his money back boys…

On the other hand, you guys may want to lay off of proft. Remember, you can’t fix stupid.

Thanks for the reminder Tater.

This one is really giving me the giggles…

Hey, it fits! (the can’t fix stupid, not the Tater)

I give it to proft for being smart enough to stay away after this miscarriage of a post.

With that he’s one-and-done, boys.