Flightaware - Positions reported by distance

Am i the only one checking this graphs frequently?

Especially the low number of positions > 320 km is coming and going in waves over the days.
One day i had over 300, now just around 130 - goes up and down.
Beside that it doesn’t matter which feeder i use (FA Stick, Airspy, Airsquitter) because i am at my max range on this location.

For my location, every day is groundhog day – same number of flights, same distances. Course the weather is the same every day also.
I see your distances are in km . Mine are in mi (statute miles I guess). Is there a place to set that or is it automatic based on country? I would think nautical miles would be used for consistency.

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Weather and tropo influence my topography-constrained farthest position counts. My wet trees cause more trouble than dry trees for example. So those farthest #s do vary significantly by day. While Airspy provides more messages and positions overall, I don’t recall that impacting position count at the longest ranges.

I have browsed the these charts on other stations. You can figure out a lot about a station’s location relative to airports and obstructions by looking at the coverage graph too.

Some of us use NM instead of km or mi too. And the chart distance buckets don’t actually align between measurement units. 240 km is 130 nmi for example.

In km by comparison, I guess they are pretty close. :laughing:

You can set it under My account (hover over your name once logged in).
Option 5 lets you determine which measurement units you want to use, NM or KM depending on your liking.

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Ok, I see that now. Thanks.

So now the distances are nm, but the increments are 40 nm rather than 50 nm like the SkyAware page. I think I’ll go back to statute miles.

If you are talking about the coverage graph, that just rounds up/down to fit the little box quadrants. 40 nmi is 46 mi or 74 km. So when viewed in mi, you get 50, when viewed in km you get 80 increments, and 40 for nmi.


Right, but I just wanted the polar coverage plot to have the same increments (and units) as the range rings in the SkyAware map. I guess I could change the range rings in SkyAware map.

Yes that would be the way to go then since the polar plot is fixed.


No, I look @ mine all the time. I used to see a good number of pings at 250 miles (+/- 400 km) pre pandemic. No antenna or system change since then, heck no.


Or Statue Miles for US guys :smile:


Fun fact:

The approach direction in Frankfurt has changed due to wind. But that doesn’t stop my receiver to catch more aircraft > 320 km away


Coincidence? Is the saturation of closer aircraft that high to reduce the far distance aircraft?

Last 24 hours, still strong on that distance.

Wind directiion will change the next days again. Will see if tere is a relation:

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