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Flightaware - My ADS-B changes?

Did the frame “30 day position ranking” just changed to exclude the “Other” categories?
That’s great, because I was just talking about that on a thread the other day… how it was kind of rewarding bad data.

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I haven’t noticed a change on mine.

Maybe it’s just on my phone? I am using it in “request desktop site” mode, so it should show everything…

I think it’s just lack of space - mine omits the “other” category if you use landscape in desktop mode. The total number is still the same however.

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I was excited for nothing :roll_eyes:

It’s just you. on smaller screens some columns are not displayed

Yeah, I guess that’s Firefox for Android.
My phone’s screen resolution is actually 3040x1440, but it still thinks it’s a small screen…

It is identified as “mobile device” based on the user agent information sent by Firefox. Therefore the view is limited, independent from the screen resolution.

“request desktop site”

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The mobile is really cut drastically. But when I requested desktop site, I was expecting to see everything.

Just tested the desktop version on my Galaxy A8

Same behavior, the table ends with MLAT Positions even if the resolution of the screen is higher than on my laptop which shows all columns

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The user agent reported to the app is most likely the culprit. Which browser is installed. If it is Firefox, the UA string can be changed in about:config.

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It is Firefox.
It doesn’t have the UA set to anything.

AFAIK there is also an extension available