FlightAware Menu missing after 6.1 Upgrade

I just upgraded to 6.1 and a new Raspberry Pi OS and now FlightAware starts up without the customary menu that allowed me to login and see the system log files. Did I miss something, or did it go away in this release ?
Is there a replacement ?

What did you install? (Did you reimage? What did you reimage with?)

Are you talking about what you see if you connect a keyboard & screen? What do you see?

I used a brand new SD card, loaded Raspberian from the raspberry.org site, and then loaded PiAware from your site following your directions. The same procedure I used for building the last version that I was running for a couple of years. This new version starts up much the same and PiAware is running. just fine, but the menu system that I was used to does not start. It starts up at the Linux prompt waiting for a command. It is logged in as pi@raspberrypi at startup.

That would be a question for the Raspbian folks (did you perhaps download the “lite” image, not the full desktop version?) - a package-based install of PiAware doesn’t mess with any of the startup login stuff.

The steps to auto login into the Raspberry Pi Desktop are described here


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