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Flightaware API SOAP vs JSON

This page says* 'The primary protocol recommended for use with FlightXML 2.0 is the “Simple Object Access Protocol” (SOAP). '*

Reading through the developer forum, I saw an old thread that indicated Flightaware automatically runs tests on the information sent out via SOAP that are only done manually using JSON.

A few questions I have are:

  1. Is that still the case or have automated tests been implemented for the info given out via JSON now?
  2. What other reasons, if any, are there for why SOAP is the primary protocol recommended for use with FlightXML?

We still only have very basic internal tests against the JSON interface, however the implementation is fairly mature at this point and there are not many changes being made to it so the stability is not a concern for us. Our SOAP interface was established first, so it is and will remain the primary protocol recommended for use with FlightXML.

Okay thanks for the reply.