Flight tracker on airlines


Hello… just out of curiosity—why does airlines no longer put flight trackers on their screens?

I flew Air Canada Montreal-Toronto-Santiago de Chile-Buenos Aires a month ago and returned EZE-SCL-CYYZ-CYUL as of two weeks ago, and on none on the flight to and back had any flight trackers on board the seat screens they had.

On those touch-screens, what they had working were movies and some TV stuff, but not much else, not even TVnews worked.

I am hearing-impaired so I get a bit anxious when I can’t understand what they’re saying on the announcements, and I cringe, thinking the pilots may be telling us something like: we have a problem or something of the kind… let me tell you I have had quite a scare with a lot of nighttime turbulence from Toronto to Santiago, and I was sooo praying a lot all night long and did not sleep a wink on the flight.

The flight back was almost much the same. I wish airlines had at least written anouncements on the touch screens (or closed captions at least) so that the hearing-impaired can at least know what’s going on, don’t you all think? I also had to make the flight attendant switch my seat with another customer because I needed to have a seat where I can see when the “seat-belt” sign was on, as not many other seats had the illuminated signs, and I cannot understand/hear it when they announce it anyway.

My husband is flying home tomorrow, I hope he arrives complete in one piece and he has much a smoother flight than mine was.


I just flew on Northwest and they had the tracker on the A330 I was on and also the 747’s movie screen when the movies were not being shown.

Maybe just an Air Canada thing.


AC is still refurbishing its 767s. Not all have Airshow on board.


Live tracking still works on jetBlue.

Good points about the troubles for the hearing impaired. I think if one were to let the lead flight attendant know that’d you’re hearing impaired and can’t hear the announcements, they’d try to visit your seat personally to make sure you knew what was going on.


Delta Has it

you can view it any time if you are on an ex-song aircraft on the ptv


I know United does…


You lucky guys (American airlines (Delta, etc)

Canada is like 20 years behind U.S. in terms of accessibility for people with disabilities… :unamused:

I did tell the lead flight attendant about my hearing-impairment problem (I made sure I put it on their system too when I purchased a plane ticket via Internet) somehow no one bothers to check? Or ask for special accomodation? Anyhow, I had to do it myself…

Wish Canadian airlines were more accesible to the hearing impaired i.e. written announcements, closed-captioned movies, etc)