Hello guys, I am using FlightXML in my project. I am using this link username:apiKey@flightxml.flight … ax_size=60
and getting the following result as Json.

actualdeparturetime = 0;
            aircrafttype = E135;
            destination = KORD;
            destinationCity = "Chicago, IL";
            destinationName = "Chicago O'Hare Intl";
            estimatedarrivaltime = 1472124780;
            "filed_departuretime" = 1472121900;
            ident = ASQ3766;
            origin = KATW;
            originCity = "Appleton, WI";
            originName = "Appleton Intl";

How can I find if the flight is delayed, cancelled or on time?
Thank you

If there is a delay, actualdeparturetime will be greater then filed_departuretime. Or actualarrivaltime will be greater than (filed_departuretime + filed_ete).

If the flight hasn’t departed yet (actualdeparturetime == 0), then the estimatearrivaltime will be greater than (filed_departuretime + filed_ete).

If the flight is cancelled, actualdeparturetime == -1.