Flight revenue, seat cost


Greetings all… This is my first post. Very much enjoy this site. Can someone tell me how I can find info on specific flights such as revenue of a flight; max/min ticket cost, etc. I accidently found that page yesterday but do not recall how! How to get from FlightAware home page to the page in question. Thank you.




dbaker… thank you but I can’t seem to find the site that you gave me. I don’t see Insight on the page. I’m new to FlightAware. This is very perplexing. Any other help? Thank you kindly.


The revenue per flight considered confidential data and is not released to the public.

You can find airline financial data at the BTS site.

Tables P-11 and P-12 show income and expenses but do not break it down by flight number.

Tables P-51 and P-52 show aircraft operating expenses.