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Flight Info Status Not Updating Correctly

We are having some issues with the Flight Info Status endpoint, http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML3/FlightInfoStatus. We are seeing scenarios where a flight is delayed from taking off, then once it does take off the “progress_percent” field does not update until after the flight has landed at its destination.

We are using this info to track flights that are in progress and have an estimated arrival delay, but since the flights never end up showing in progress we are missing some records. Can you please provide a reason why this might be happening and if it can be fixed? The most recent occurrence of this issue was 5/19 with faFlightID: AAL2495-1589690730-airline-0175

Attempting to bring this back to the top to get attention from FlightAware.

The progress_percent field depends on receiving accurate estimated times for the flight from the airline, and in this case the extremely delayed nature of the flight probably meant that airline was not able to supply a reliable estimated arrival time to us. In some cases, our flight tracking systems can derive estimated times but this was apparently not possible in this case.

Is this also the case with this one as well? GJS4574-1591505116-airline-0367