Flight ID formats and suffixes

2 questions below…

  1. On a data pull on 7/16 for a series of aircraft a flight id of AMX4-1436907600-schedule-0200 was returned for an aircraft and flight. On 7/17 for the same aircraft (and flight) a flight id of AMX4-1436907600-schedule-0200:1 was returned. For what seems to be the same flight and aircraft why did the flight id change and what does the :1 represent?

  2. In the data returned the flight id seems to have many suffixes including…


Can you provide explanations for what differences in the data these represent?

The faFlightID (flight_id) should be considered an opaque identifier with no specific meaning. All of the other fields and numbers are meaningful only internally to us and just serve to specify the first time and data source that provided us with data about that flight.