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Flight diverted ATL-XNA to DFW

What happened here?

Some issue with the equipment? Gear light? Zero flap landing? Needed extra concrete to put it down.

Weather not a factor. Plane from SFO landed right behind him and other flights were landing as well. It was windy but other planes were landing. If he was low on fuel other airports were much closer. SGF, FSM, TUL

yeah… was thinking about little rock… I betting equipment like a gear light or a zero flap landing possibly

I too wonder if it was equipment and needed longer runway. It’s an MD80. Not sure if type had anything to do with landing in windy conditions. Only MD80 that was landing at the time

And FWIW, the tail is still sitting at KDFW… so…

Yep it is. Has to be equipment issue. Glad I wasn’t on that flight last night. I’m on it once a month usually.

Equipment issues are fun… lol I’ve had a fair share

Well “official” word is high winds in area. Does the MD80 have an aversion to landing in high winds as opposed to E170?

Well… by looking at the weather, it was a cross wind (250) gusting to 31kts at time of landing… so… maybe…

FYI, it just left KDFW for KXNA.