flight diversions?

how can i find out why a flight was diverted. it occured today at tupulo,ms airport.............resack@bellsouth.net

Check local newspapers.

It might help if you spell the name of the city correctly when you do the search. It’s Tupelo.

sorry about the spelling error…how can i find out why the plan was diverted to tupelo about 2 hours ago thank you

You can
You can re-read what I wrote. Check local newspapers (hint: they are online). If it was something major it will be there. If it was just somehting mundane like the pilot changed his mind about where he wanted to go it won’t be there. Also, try local TV and radio stations online.

What’s the flight ID?


Is this the one? I checked the WX around the arrival at Oxford, and the ceilings were between 500 and 600. he decided he couldn’t get in ,and went somewhere he could.

Do you really have to be a jerk about it?


Uh, yes.

Dami’s writing style is what I’d call “curt”. I picture him having steel rods in his back, that sometimes are evident in his typing. Nevertheless, I thought his 2nd response was at worst a bit gruff and impatient, not being a jerk. His first answer to your question did in fact begin with “Check local newspapers,” on which he expanded a bit in his 2nd response. That really is the best answer to your question. Please don’t be offended.