Flight data doesn't match underlying map

For some reason, over the past month(s), the flight data doesn’t match the underlying maps. For example, on a flight today for N4904G, the flight was from DXR in Connecticut to 5B2 in New York. The underlying map is the right piece of the world, but DXR is shown up in Vermont, and 5B2 is shown in southern New York. This is upside-down. And there is no track.

I’m using Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7. My home computer is Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 and it does the same thing.

Any ideas? This worked perfectly up to a month or so ago.

Can you try holding down control and reloading the page? I’m unable to reproduce your issue, so I suspect something weird is being cached by your browser.

No change. Interesting This is it happens on two different computers with two different versions of IE.