Flight alerts and Jabber/IM

So maybe I am just no getting it… I have never used Jabber before, but I have tried 3 different clients and multiple servers. I am not getting any flight alerts through IM, but I am getting the emails for the same alerts. Does anyone with Jabber or Gmail experience have any insight for me? :question:

Search the forum and you will find your answer, grasshopper.

Well, I’ve tried that and found nothing helpful! Have you searched and found something? Maybe tell me what search topics/terms you used?

discussions.flightaware.com/view … ght=jabber

just one of a few!

So I read that one and tried using my gmail account also. In the Jabber IM in my flightaware profile I have @gmail.com](mailto:@gmail.com). I am suspecting that I am not using the alert feature properly?? :open_mouth: