First rate product

I just found FlightAware this past week and was floored by the volume of data and sweet user interface.

I’ve worked with the FAA as both an enroute controller and automation software specialist for a couple of decades, and haven’t found a more useful tracking tool outside the agency. We have an internal use-only web-based tracking tool employed by our traffic management units across the country, and your tool is nearly as useful, with a more intuitive interface. During my first hour or so of exploring with it, I kept wondering ‘why is this free?’

Great, great work.

DUDE!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? Free is good…don’t put any ideas into their heads!!!

Just kidding!

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Welcome to the forum Freddd! :slight_smile:

Great to know FA is that good!

dbaker or Mark, you can take it from here.

i just want to thank you. my people left vld yesterday for arn and thanks to you i was able to be right along with them til they got out of faa and over the atlantic.

now if you just could tell me how can i track them from lhr to arn?

absolutly great and thanks again

I just have to comment, I just flew into SLC today, and I used FA to check what the sites were I saw along the way. I have always loved FA, but like it just that much more now. :wink:

Can’t do that. LHR and ARN are both outside of the FAA’s coverage.

Flightaware won’t but will too but there are no graphics and the navigation is a bit cumbersome.

Hold on…let me get this over with

(in my best Ben Stein from Ferris Beuler’s Day Off)

How dare you mention another flight tracking site. How could you do that? Why are you sending people away from FA? Tisk, tisk, tisk…

Anyone…anyone…something D-O-O economics…Voodoo economics…


OK, it has been done…

Ah, great movie!

Only the Swedes :wink: