First Lady's Call Sign

I know the Fist Lady doesn’t use the 747’s when she fly’s alone. Anyone know what her moniker and call sign are for her aircraft? I live a mile from the Kansas City ARTCC and can hear most aircraft crossing the Midwest. She is in Kansas City today and I have two scanners tuned - 1 to ARTCC and the other to MCI. When Bush was here nearby my home, I heard AF1 callsign quite a bit until he left our airsapce.

The first/second lady append foxtrot to their husband’s callsigns so Air Force 1 Foxtrot, etc.

Thanks for your quick reply. I see she uses a Boeing 757 like the Secretary of State. The guys that get the good planes (Lear Jets), are
Commandants of the various services while the Sec of Defense flies in either a modified C-17 or the doomsday 747.

From the 7110.65…Air Traffic Control Handbook:


  1. Presidential aircraft and Presidential family aircraft:

(a) When the President is aboard a military aircraft, state the name of the military service, followed by the word “One.”

“Air Force One.”
“Army One.”
“Marine One.”

(b) When the President is aboard a civil aircraft, state the words “Executive One.”

(c) When a member of the President’s family is aboard any aircraft, if the U.S. Secret Service or the White House Staff determines it is necessary, state the words “Executive One Foxtrot.”