First Emivest SJ-30 delivered to mega strip club owner . . .


Flightaware Flight Tracker for SJ30 N200DV.

First delivery of a Emivest branded SJ30 has been delivered to Deja Vu Entertainment of Lansing Michigan. (Harry Mohney)

Click Here for company website. Warning - they own lots, and lots of strip clubs.


Interior of N200DV - Welcome to the Mile High Interior!!!



Did you see their twitter?




Man, I need new glasses. I didn’t see anything to racy.
I even checked four times. :smiling_imp:

John in Saudi


Better be careful, I’m pretty sure you can get your stones chopped off for just looking at that website over there. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, actually it would be blocked. I’m in Paris right now.


i did a nursing travel assignment in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. we lived in an american compound, there were no restrictions on what we looked at on the net or even what we watched on tv or movies. When we left the compound we always had an escort, so there were no issues. but in the compound we had no rules, and no bills.


It depends on the compound. Most of them run their ISP through the Government since they are trying to be good citizens. Then there are the troublemakers like where you lived. :smiley:


Im now a member of their website…JUST KIDDING!!! But I did peek. :wink:


peeked as well…I might need to head up to the Tampa location…what the thing IS going to need fuel :wink: :smiling_imp: :wink: :smiling_imp: :wink: 8) :stuck_out_tongue:


Some photos from planephotoman on flickr, taken at PDX




OK…I’ll say it…

Wonder what her “uniform” is…


Uniform? She don’t need no stinkin’ uniform!


Can’t lie… that is oneeeeeeeeeeee sexy airplane. :slight_smile:


One of the pilots is a member of another website. He’s a dude.


Maybe it’s the same person an he/she is a tranny?



Oh jeez… :unamused: Here’s where the wheels fall off this forum.