Finding data/aircraft.json


Greetings. Apologies if the answer is around and I somehow didn’t use the correct search terms.

I created a custom app to read the json of my flight aware setup.

A recent upgrade seems to have removed the directory and file ‘data/aircraft.json’ that was created with my older versions.

The ‘script.js’ still references this file in this location, but it does not exist.

Does anyone know if this file was moved, and if so where? Or how I can have it recreated again? It was the basis for my app and now it no longer can find the file.

Kind regards,

– Smug


I found a solution. Not sure why, and I’m not going to worry why, but it seems that all the temp files are being created and used in a directory called ‘run’. In the ‘/run/dump1090-fa’ directory there is every json file under the sun. the current ‘aircraft.json’ and slews of history files.

So I created a symbolic link (sudo ln -s /run/dump1090-fa data) in my /var/www/html directory and all is well again.

Thanks for those who pondered.


– Smug


They’ve always been in /run/dump1090-fa, FWIW. The lighttpd configuration shipped with dump1090-fa aliases /dump1090-fa/data to this location.


Then either the new version doesn’t alias, or somehow mine lost the alias. regardless, I’m good to go now, Thanks!


– Smug


No changes to that recently.