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Cannot find aircraft.json

Hi guys,

I am completely new to tracking with an ADS-B receiver.

To run a project, I need the aircraft.json file. Unfortunately I cannot find this file. I do run a raspberry pi with dump1090, which has been already installed. I do not feed any flight tracking website with my received ADS-B data.

As far as I know, the file should be located at /var/run/dump1090-fa/
It happens that there is no such folder…

The address :8080/data/aircraft.json doesn’t help either.

Do I have to configure the program dump1090 to create this file? Or do you have any other idea, how I can find the aircraft.json file?

Thank you very much in advance.

Do you use dump1090 or dump1090-fa?
How did you install it?


I use dump1090. It was already installed on the device. My professor borrowed me the Pi.

There is no data folder…
Only the following folders are included in the dump1090 folder:

  • .git

Maybe I should reinstall the program…

The problem is that you are using a different version of the program.

git remote -v

This will tell you which program is being used.

Have you checked these folders:

You can also check the command line, post the output of this:

pgrep -a dump1090

Somewhere in that output should be an argument named --json-dir, this is where the aircraft.json will be.

first of all, thank you for your help

I think, I have a bigger problem…
fatal: no git-repository

I don’t have these folders…
There is only a file “dump1090.pid” in the run folder, nothing else which refers to dump1090

314 ./dump1090 --quite --gain -10 --net --net-beast

Do you have another sd-card?

Put the piaware sd-card image on it if you don’t need the specific dump1090 version provided on the RPi.

Alternatively you can change the command line parameters and add --json-dir if that dump1090 version supports it.

dump1090 --help should give you the options.

That seems to be the problem. json is not supported. --help shows no options for implementing --json. Adding it manually doesn’t work.

I’ll try another SD card with dump1090-fa this evening. Or I speak to my professor this week to deinstall the current version and install dump1090-fa.

Sounds like a very old version of dump1090. I think it use to use a file called data.json and aircraft.json was added later.

Got it. Indeed, it was an old version. Got dump109-fa now and it works

thank you everybody

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