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Find flights from a specific day?

Is there a way that you can find flights from a specific day that no longer appears on the departures/arrivals lists (e.g., past page 900, since at busy airports this can be less than a week). For example I could type in “8/1/2010” or similar and “KPHL” and it would show the flights from 8/1 at KPHL.

i don’t think there is. there is a workaround that may work. sort the data by date then vary the offset in the url.

flightaware.com/live/airport/KPH … ;sort=DESC

if you are on 8/1, the offset shows 80, and you want 8/5, change the offset=80 to something like offset=500 check the date. if not want you want adjust the offset again

I tried that already. I wanted to see flights from 8/1 but it only goes to page 920 or so, either way, it didn’t go back far enough. Plus, it’s a pain to find the date as each flight is listed as a day (Mon, Tue, Wed) and not a date. Maybe they should consider adding some sort of advanced search

You should be able to go back two weeks; I don’t see any limit at 920.

As a regular user flightaware.com/live/airport/KPH … ;sort=DESC still has a “Next 40” button for me.

Another option is to buy a report from us. The last month is $475 on the website but if you call customer service we can do a week for $125.


If you are not logged on, the 920 (not so sure a limit) shows up

AWI3876 CRJ2 Columbia Metropolitan (KCAE) Wed 06:52AM EDT Wed 08:12AM EDT
JIA552 CRJ2 James M Cox Dayton Intl (KDAY) Wed 06:55AM EDT Wed 08:11AM EDT
(Next 20) (Previous 20) Registered users (registering is free and easy!) view 40 history. (Register) (Currently displaying flights 920 - 940)

When I logged in, it changed to
(Next 50) (Previous 50) (Currently displaying flights 920 - 970)

Suggestion of allowing a user to enter a specific date for search does warrant merit for consideration as it is a pain to having to keep clicking, next, next next endlessly to see a flight way back in the past especially for a busy airport like PHL.

no need to click next endlessly if you follow my suggestion.
if you want to got 3 days back sort then enter offsett 200 and press enter
is date shown before after date wanted?
if before enter higher offset
if after enter lower ofset

woudl be better to enter date directly

IMHO is that what you suggest is a work around not a fix to the problem.

Not everybody knows to muck around with the URL and I fully agree your last sentence would be the ultimate solution.

Even better especially for busy airports such as PHL would be to allow the user to set a parameter such as search for flights on 8/01/2002 from 12:00 pm to 04:00 pm.

Yes, but that doesn’t apply to registered users and HaloFan123 is obviously registered.

i did say it was a workaround in my first posting

Well my problem was, I was trying to see PHL flights from 8/1, but it was difficult (BTW I figured out the URL thing before I posted this.) It’s a pain because rather than showing a date (e.g. 8/1,8/2) It shows a day (e.g. Mon, Tues, Wed). I’m not exactly sure but I’m pretty sure I was logged in and when I tried going past page 920 or so no flights showed up (there was still a next 40 button but the pages were blank) I don’t remember but I don’t even think it went far back enough. :unamused:

EDIT: I just tried again and I found my problem: when I click a flight on page, say 200, rather than going to that specific flight it goes to an overview of that flight in general. So it’s difficult to tell whether that was the flight from 8/1 or the next week…