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Filter for Gliders

Is there any way to filter on the FliteAware map for only gliders, or only for aircraft that departed from a specific airport?

The best I have been able to do so far is filter by:

  • Altitude: 0-18,000
  • Air Speed: 30 - 175 mph
  • Flight Type: General Aviation
  • Aircraft Type: Unknown/Generic Undesignated

It would be really nice to track all the glider flights that are still up in the air that haven’t made it back home yet.

I think most gliders don’t have an ADS-B with them. If it doesn’t have to be FlightAware, I would look here: https://live.glidernet.org/

Actually more and more of them do all the time. Being able to filter on the transponder code of 1202 would be perfect, but that doesn’t seem to be a choice currently.