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Kann man/ Tracking gliders

Kann man mit flightaware auch die Flüge von Segelfliegern und Motorseglern verfolgen? Habe bis jetzt noch keinen gesehen.

On the website Flightaware mostly shows scheduled flights with a flight plan unlike some other tracking sites which show every plane with a transponder.

While you can view so-called position-only flights when logged in, they won’t be shown on the live map i believe. (https://flightaware.com/live/)

See those two screenshots:


Another question is if the glider or motorglider has a transponder and which type.
Most gliders don’t have ModeS transponder much less with position reporting.

Many gliders have FLARM which can be used for position reporting but i don’t think Flightaware uses FLARM data (fr24 for example uses FLARM data to some extent).

Anyway all that is on the website.
If you have a piaware receiver yourself the local map will show all flights with a transponder including MLAT results, no matter if it is a position only flight. (still no FLARM)

MLAT might not work well though if the altitude isn’t sufficient and not enough receivers are receiving the signal.

In other words: you won’t see many gliders on flightaware.

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I think I saw gliders using vrs to display dump1090fa-Data, but that was years ago.

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Many thanks for the helpful information.

Saw a few gliders today, they do not stand out as much because they use a general airplane icon:

It looks like they used ads-b.