FF/FD in a little box on maps

New symptom today. FF/FD in a little box before and after blue flight numbers and airport designators. Is this an ascii character? I just taught Thunderbird to work with GMail and have just gotten broadband, so many changes here. Did I do it? Thanks, Jan / CID

Whaa? Can you take a screenshot? Does it persist after shift+reload/ctrl+reload? Does it persist after closing all browser windows and reopening?

It is gone now. It looked like FFFD (one pair over the other) in little boxes on either side of airport designators and aircraft info for blue items (coming or going to selected airport). I’ll try to save a page if I see it again. -Jan

Sounds like a variation on the questionmark-in-a-box issue.

It does, indeed, and it is doing it again Monday morning (10 a.m. CST). (Not sure how to take pictures and send them. I sent you a link. Is that enough?) - Jan