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Feeding various sites

I became interested in ADS-B tracking through my enthusiasm with the Raspberry-Pi and a phone app.

Initially felt the instructions better on this site than FR24 plus I tend to prefer this forum. I also feed FR24.

Appreciate FA and FR24 are both commercial enterprises but am wondering about the non profit making volunteer sites such as Opensky-netwok.org and ADSBexchange, what is their purpose? They tend to mention storing and making available historic data, other than see how traffic has increased what is historic data used for? I’m doubting they are contacted regarding air incidents, or are they?


A non-profit can still be a commercial enterprise, that’s not really what non-profit means.
Opensky mentions industry partners and those can be for profit commercial enterprises without any issues. Anyhow they mention a bunch of academic publications so that seems to be at least a part of their focus.

Just for the record, adsbexchange is not a non-profit organization in the technical sense, check the website. But the goals are different from other organizations aggregating data and one goal is not to censor data. Just check their website, it mentions some partnerships.
I’m sure many people feed adsbexchange because they like using their uncensored global flight tracking page and like contributing data to that. There is no “premium account” like you get for FR24 but really if you like the page and you have a receiver, why not improve coverage for your area.


Yes, appreciate what you say about the non profit description, bit like many charities which seem to keep large sums in the bank.

I used to feed ADSBx but a computer issue involved a reload and I never got round to reinstalling the feed. I do FA and FR24, not really looked at Opensky-Network but seems both they and ADSBx each supply data for an Alexa skill to provide an interesting verbal description of close by aircraft.


That’s exactly why I do. That’s what separates them from seemingly all others.

Just out of curiosity, I know you are a developer and admin for them, but are you also an owner of the company or employee?

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