Feeder Anomalies (Multilateration)

Posted two pictures below. I started getting an Anomalie error this morning in reference to Multilateration. Says location is incorrect or my pi is running out of CPU. Ive even updated my location again. (It is within 100 yards) Any ideas? I have rebooted the pi etc.

I’ve checked all the stats of my pi and everything is running well.

Check your USB connections & cabling, you’re probably dropping data somewhere on the USB bus.
Your timing data is marginal, there is enough instability over time that the server never has much trust in your data.
You need a solid 30 minutes of stable data to get out of that state and that doesn’t happen.

snapshot at the moment (many of those pairings have only been stable for a couple of minutes)

Synchronization stats for receiver fAT-b827eba1#219:
 PeerID Peer facility          Distance State    Frequency Error    LastReset Expires
 0      fAT-b827eb665            26.0km Valid      69.7ppm    283ns    107.6s -      
 1      fAT-b827eb296            63.1km New         0.1ppm    884ns   1188.3s -      
 2      fAT-b827eb6c0           195.0km Unstable   79.6ppm      0ns      0.0s -      
 3      fAT-20f8abdd..751a6b85   41.2km Unstable    0.9ppm   1837ns    106.3s -      
 5      fAT-b827ebdfb            26.7km Valid       0.0ppm   1285ns     87.8s -      
 8      fAT-b827eb862            69.3km Valid      -0.8ppm   1205ns   1021.4s -      
 9      fAT-b827eb951            50.0km Valid      85.4ppm    622ns     94.0s -      
 10     fAT-b827ebf43           191.5km Valid      -1.1ppm    618ns    121.1s -      
 11     fAT-b827ebebd           212.4km New        -1.1ppm      0ns      0.0s   20.3s
 12     fAT-b827eb839            48.3km Valid      74.3ppm    533ns     33.0s -      
 13     fAT-b827eb738            32.4km Valid      85.2ppm   1077ns    111.1s   20.3s
 14     fAT-b827eb89f            36.1km Valid      -1.3ppm    687ns    132.9s -      
 15     fAT-7fb4a601..c0977e6d   38.1km Valid      -0.5ppm    602ns    667.8s -      
 16     fAT-b827ebcec            42.6km Valid      46.8ppm   1861ns     88.2s -      
 19     fAT-b827eb125            36.9km Valid      22.6ppm    690ns    127.6s -      
 23     fAT-0fabb981..a2aca533  206.6km Valid       0.7ppm    729ns    617.7s   20.3s
 24     fAT-b827ebabd            71.9km Valid      43.7ppm   1203ns   1745.6s -      
 25     fAT-b827eb41b            54.7km Valid      -1.2ppm   1016ns   1236.7s -      
 28     fAT-b827ebc21           208.6km Unstable   -0.5ppm    657ns     11.8s -      
 29     fAT-b827ebcfe           187.7km New        -1.1ppm     81ns      1.5s -      
 32     fAT-fbb161e4..2fbc440a   34.6km Valid       0.4ppm   1148ns    117.0s -      
 33     fAT-b827eb770            42.8km Valid      -1.2ppm   1518ns   1140.9s -      
 35     fAT-b827eb9d9            52.8km Valid      65.1ppm    743ns    452.6s -      
 36     fAT-b827ebb15           202.7km Valid      -0.2ppm   1467ns     79.7s -      
 38     fAT-b827ebe5f            31.2km Valid      -2.3ppm   1069ns   1253.0s -      
 39     fAT-b827eb090            48.3km Valid      71.4ppm   1042ns    954.5s -      
 40     fAT-0b3ea00f..47a4f812   65.8km Valid      -0.1ppm   1309ns    243.2s -      
 42     fAT-0cfb4333..7813f994   33.1km Valid      -0.2ppm    913ns    117.1s -      
 43     fAT-b827eb45f            28.7km Valid       1.1ppm    292ns    124.1s -      
 45     fAT-b827ebe66           172.2km Valid      -1.0ppm    786ns   3959.5s -      
 47     fAT-b827eb886            35.8km Valid      -1.6ppm   1131ns    910.4s -      
 48     fAT-b827eb03d            33.6km Valid      -1.2ppm   1115ns    187.5s -      
 61     fAT-b827eb3db            22.6km Valid      -0.5ppm   1195ns     92.7s -      
 64     fAT-b827ebee3            46.0km Valid      46.6ppm    973ns    761.0s -      
 65     fAT-b827eb2d2           143.1km Unstable  -10.1ppm  85259ns      0.0s   20.3s
 165    fAT-b827eb3ea           201.6km New        -1.3ppm      0ns      0.0s   20.3s
 167    fAT-b827ebf69            34.7km New        -0.4ppm      0ns      0.0s    0.3s
 170    fAT-b827eb1a6            33.8km Valid      60.6ppm   1208ns    140.1s -      
 184    fAT-b827ebf25           161.4km Valid      -1.3ppm    809ns    841.0s -      
 189    fAT-b827eba3d            33.5km Valid      71.0ppm   1070ns    233.7s -      
 208    fAT-b827ebe9d            65.3km Valid      20.3ppm    799ns    320.7s -      
 210    fAT-b827eb368            72.4km Unstable    0.4ppm    839ns     15.7s -      
 213    fAT-b827eb5f0           150.5km Valid       1.2ppm    728ns    228.3s -      
 220    fAT-35559584..21dc013a   15.9km New        56.8ppm   1039ns    408.4s -      
 223    fAT-b827eb65b            30.5km Valid       0.4ppm   1144ns    973.2s -      
 226    fAT-b827ebd36            35.8km Unstable   -1.3ppm   1180ns     15.6s -      
 227    fAT-b827eb384            55.9km New        -0.1ppm   1236ns    373.8s -