Help with a problem


My Pi 2B has been running for months and every once in a while I get this report "Anomaly report for PiAware feeder with a MAC address of b8:27:eb:18:4a:83:
This feeder is not being used for multilateration because its timing information appears to be unreliable. This can be caused by the site location being incorrect, or because your Pi is running out of free CPU.

How do I remedy this? I think last time I just rebooted.


I have three pi3’s running and seem to randomly get this same anomaly report on any one of them at different times.

Sometimes I reboot and other times I just let it resolve itself on its own.

I’m curious, like yourself, as to what’s causing it.


I have seen in on occasion where there is a lot of traffic on the router, as when it is experiencing a DOS attack. I think maybe too many UDP packets fail to reach the destination and a server detects this as a bad clock.


Same here. It only starts sending mlat reports when there is virtually no traffic at 4am

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