FEDEX Traffic flow question


Do the following clips seem like an accurate and ACTUAL depiction of FEDEX traffic?

If these clips are an accurate depiction of ACTUAL traffic, how were they created and from what data would have the little planes come from?



They might be from Flight Explorer. The program allows you to filter by Airline (in fact just about any way you can think of). It uses the same feed that Flight Aware uses (I believe). Anyway, it’s a subscription service that cost a good penny. Dispatch at Airnet used it to keep tabs on us.

If I remember FE allowed you to “record” your filter results also.

And yes it depicts little airplane, kinda cute :wink:

Really cool video though.


I would say very accurate…we have the same type display (real time) in our traffic management unit…however, this particular display is only showing FEDEX a/c, it can display ORD, DFW, IAH, STL, ATL, EWR, pretty much any major airport stream that requires any sort of spacing…

Also, our traffic management coordinators do reach out to ensure certain a/c are rerouted to keep the balance of traffic even at all the arrival gates, and pass on mileage-in-trail (MIT) restrictions to the controllers operating the positions so that the acceptance rate remains manageable.
Sometimes it works to perfection, other times…mother nature gets her laugh…not this time Fred Smith.

I work midnight shifts almost every Friday and I can tell you the flow looks normal…as a matter of fact I could probably tell you who was who…at least the a/c flying across Arkansas.

As for the weather video, I have been on the holding end of more than a few of those type systems, and it can get ugly fast. I.E. one a/c wants to hold west 20 miles legs, another wants to move his holding pattern south with 30 mile legs…“Center any update on our EFC, if not we need to head to our alternate”…which you see some a/c doing toward the end…I think DFW.


Great insight, very informative. :smiley: