Feature request


I enjoy watching the current planes overhead on the local web page. In addition to the flight number and FA link I get when selecting a plane, it would be great to also get the origin and destination of the flight.



Got one… could the users ADS-B stats web page show versions of piaware and dump1060? Maybe just piaware?


Good idea…for sure…


The anomalies panel shows if you’re not up to date on PiAware


A feature request and a question:

On the stats page, in addition to “(tracklog)”, I wish I there was a “(groundtrack)” link. I know I can get to the groundtrack, but I would prefer a direct link on the stats page.

Question: On the stats page I see:

  • “Recent flights with positions from this feeder in tracklog” and
  • “Additional recent flights fed to FlightAware”

What is the difference between these two listings?


I’m not sure I understand the distinction – can you link to some examples?

Question: On the stats page I see:

  • “Recent flights with positions from this feeder in tracklog” and
  • “Additional recent flights fed to FlightAware”

What is the difference between these two listings?

The first table shows flights where your data is directly used for those flights. The second table shows flights where other receivers’ data is primarily displayed and yours was only used for verification.



Yes. BTW, these links may be dead by the time you get to them, but you will get the idea…

My stats page show a link to “tracklog”, which I click and get this:
flightaware.com/live/flight/EJA … S/tracklog

However, I aways click the link below because I am more interested in the map/groundtrack:

I would like to see a link to the groundtrack next to the flights I provide data for.


I think I like the new stats rework, Thanks. :exclamation:

Feature request: Instead of just reporting:
Last Seen: Live - 12 minutes ago

Can you also show the actual time (GMT is fine)? :question: It helps with debug to understand if you are looking at a cached page or the last load available. I was experiencing the need for this feature when I was VPN’ing into my PI; other times as well.


That Live # is so lame since it’s delayed, we’re going to replace it with real-time data in the next week. And then yes, absolutely, we can improve the messaging.


Would it possible to add individual feeder ranking position from the stats page? Really dislike using that page as it causes havoc with my browser, seems to be far to much going on & my browser stops responding for a while.


Good idea.


Feature requests:

If autoupdate is set and takes place, email notification is made to subscriber.

Any updates that take place leave a log file behind of the update/upgrade. Downsides to this I know… option to autoupgrade maybe?

Keep a couple of days worth of piaware.log files? piaware.0.log, .1.log, etc…


To add:
[li] Export a date range of raw data, similar to the right hand output of the 1090 interactive live feed, to CSV? Or set dump1090 to autosave the raw data to a text or csv file.[/li][li] Live/Realtime raw data feed to small text feed in a side window (similar to Twitch chat)[/li][*] Coverage Distribution map range adjuster. (I get crummy reception, usually less than 100mi, so the outer half of the chart is always empty.


In the “Recent Flights from this Feeder” list, can you mark aircraft that are blocked from public view? It’s a minor annoyance to click on flights or tracklog links only to find out the info is private.


More requests for the User Stats page:

Show the feeder health information that piaware collects (latest temperature, load, uptime, etc).

Add a stat showing the farthest-away flight tracked today. Perhaps just the max from the “Recent flights with positions from this feeder” list since that already includes a distance field.

Under “Nearby Sites”, if a user has multiple sites, when you click their name it should go to that specific feeder, rather than the user’s default page.

Have a small box where the user can add info about their site. e.g. “RaspberryPi3 with FlightAware antenna and Foobar amplifier.”


A stat I would like to see is a count of the unique reports I deliver. In other words, the positions I heard and no one else did. I think I’m covering some of area south of Florida that no one else seems to get. But it would be nice to confirm it. Ranking high in these unique counts would encourage people to put up sites in under served areas rather than duplicating coverage.