Fear mongering at its best


Now hear this Al Quida is looking for a few special kids…wtf :imp:

hell with Al Qaida…the TSA should give him a job! :smiley:

Yep - they’re gonna recruit every 9 to 11 year-old they can and train them for this kind of suicide mission. What 13-year-old doesn’t dream of being with 72 virgins?

They’ll be lined up like the dults for american idol.

You know I think it is pretty funny this kid wanted to go see his Mom so he did. If he is smart enough to go online and understand what to do to acomplish that good for him…don’t know about the driving on the interstate :open_mouth: glad I’m on the west coast of FL :wink:

What I found amusing in this article is what the phrase in the second paragraph lined to. The phrase is “connecting flights” and the link goes to “Flight Cancellations Stretch Into Weekend”.

Knowing the TSA, they will probably overreact as usual and start demanding identification from children and if they don’t have it they will subject them to secondary screening.

Really, you only have to look over 15 to get through the airlines and under 18 to get through TSA.

What’s Southwest’s Unaccompanied Minor program like. I know we require parents at both ends.

anyone over 13 is on their own at WN, the news story I thought went into that?

Per Southwest’s Customer Service Commitment publication, page 17:

Children 12 years of age and older are considered young adults and travel under the same terms and conditions as do older adult passengers.

Sounds to me just like my gym class every day when I was 13!

NO, NO, it’s 27 Virginians.

John in Saudi

Do female suicide bombers get 27 virgins?
Ask somebody that here and you just get a funny look, like “what would a woman do with them?”

Or you get called a blasphemer! :open_mouth:

As someone who has never held much worthy of being viewed as sacred, it was always surprising to me just how quickly we learned to keep our big mouths shut when asked about our religious views while visiting middle eastern ports. And that was a LONG time ago when the local regimes were all viewed as friendly.

As long as they are NOVA chicks I’d be down with that :wink: :smiling_imp:

As for the second half :open_mouth: :open_mouth: don’t they have some sort of religious police there :open_mouth:

Well, yeah there are religious police HERE, but I’m talking about post-bombing…

OHHHHHHHHH Got ya :wink:

Like JHEM said you have to be a bit careful here, and then there are some subjects that just don’t compute.

Virgins are way over-rated, I’ll take 72 Vegas style whores, but I’m funny like that. :smiling_imp:

72? And I suppose that’s all on a one weekend layover too… :smiley:

Thought about for a while and actually a half-dozen will do the job just fine, 72 is way overkill.

Is it actually possible to find 72 virgins anywhere? Maybe they should lower the bar a bit:)

deef we need to hang out sometime, I like how you think :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: